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Our Idaho enhanced concealed carry course is specifically designed to not only meet but exceed Idaho’s requirements to apply. Our entire curriculum is based on facts, evidence, and battle-tested techniques.

Our certified USCCA instructors are held to the highest standards in the firearm instructor industry and are required to perform continuing education throughout the year.


New gun owner or new to shooting, this course is designed to give you the knowledge and hands-on practice you need to begin your firearm journey. This course leads directly into our enhanced concealed carry course.


Whether you are considering purchasing an AR or you already have one learning the standards of how to operate your carbine safely is paramount. The curriculum for this course is specifically designed to help you learn the parts of your AR, how to clear malfunctions, how to work reloads, and various shooting techniques. This class can be taught on our simulator or live fire at a range.


Our simulator is equipped with over 900 judgment training scenarios, including 50+ church-specific scenarios. These scenarios will test your judgment and assist in improving your performance during hostile or lethal situations. In addition, when working with church security we assist in the development of protocols and de-escalation tactics.


School security is becoming more important by the day. Threats are evolving, and encounters are happening more frequently. With over 50+ school-specific Judgment scenarios and mass shooting scenarios, we can help your security team develop the de-escalation tactics needed to ensure student safety, and assist them to gain confidence when met with a lethal situation.


From bodyguards, transport, alarm response, and armed security, we have the tools necessary to keep you, and your clients safe. We offer hundreds of scenarios catered to this line of work and we will work directly with the head trainer of the company to provide the most comprehensive training possible.


A course designed around the idea that we are our own first responders. This course will teach you how to be aware of your surroundings, how to move freely and safely through daily life, and what to avoid. In addition, there is special emphasis on learning threat indicators to better help you read the general public.


Idaho is in a constant state of growth, and with growth comes a high demand for realtors. This only complicates a realtor’s job. To ensure your safety, and that you get home to your loved ones. We designed this course around a realtor’s profession. Taking into consideration the common interactions and duties. From meeting a new client in public to showings and open houses, this course will help you navigate your daily life safely.


Carrying a firearm on your person is not only a right, but it’s a responsibility. Our concealed carry and enhanced concealed carry courses are jam-packed with the most up-to-date information, tactics, and laws. The curriculum will cover all state requirements to get your Idaho-enhanced concealed carry permit.

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