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Learn all about SimShot and how we became Idaho’s premier choice for indoor simulation firearms training.

Our Mission

SimShot was born in 2021 with the mission of adding supplemental training for shooters of all skill levels. Jeromy and Nick opened SimShot after watching the firearm industry struggle to provide gun owners with ammunition. Without ammunition… you can’t train. Nothing will ever replace the live fire, but with SimShot, you can get your reps in, have fun, and save your ammo for the range days.
Whether you’re firearm obsessed, don’t own a firearm, or somewhere in between, SimShot offers a wide variety of training to fit your needs. We provide a safe and welcoming environment to conduct training, whether you want to practice drills, have fun running shooting courses, or experience real-life scenario training.

Our Instructors

Jeromy Whelan

Firearms and shooting have been a part of Jeromy’s life since he was a kid. From plinking around with his grandfather’s .22, how to operate pistols, and carbines with his father. Once his first son was born, he knew he needed to take firearm training and safety seriously. As the protector of his family, he sought out training from a magnitude of instructors. Drilling the fundamentals of pistol and carbine into his muscle memory. From there his passion grew exponentially. He began seeking advanced training and firearms became his main passion. Now, a USCCA instructor and founder of Simshot, he can share his passion and knowledge with his clients to help them feel more confident, gain precision, and train with purpose. Outside SimShot and training, Jeromy enjoys his Family, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and the occasional round of golf.

Nick Parks

In early 2008 Nick enlisted in the military and spent 4 years in the US Army’s 25th Infantry Division. Deploying to Central Iraq for a year in 2008, and again to East Afghanistan for another year in 2011. In between deployments would see training in the Hawaiian Islands, the Californian desert, and the Floridian jungle. Since escaping government work in late 2012 Nick has continued to shoot, learn and train. In the summer of 2021 relocated to Idaho to open SimShot and has since become a USCCA Certified Instructor.

Simshot Benefits

Simulation systems are versatile, data-driven, and offer many different options of training types and benefits:
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Large Variety of Training Software
  • Trackable Progress
  • Real Life Scenarios
  • More Affordable then a Traditional Range
  • No Large Crowds
  • No Firearm Maintenance
  • Test Performance Under Pressure
  • Decrease Threat Identification Time
  • Learn Deescalation Tactics
  • Stengthens Situational Awarness
  • Builds Decision Making Skills
  • Instant Feedback on Accuracy

“Where responsibility, safety, and precision, meets fun.”


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