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We utilize the most up-to-date simulation training technology to provide data-driven results for our clients. From the SIMguns to our holsters, we are a turnkey solution to your training needs without any ammunition or maintenance.

Meet SimSHOT

Simshot is revolutionizing firearm training accessibility. Forget about the old days of paying $200 an hour for an instructor to meet you at the range with minimal data to guide adjustments.

Open 7 days a week, Simshot works around your schedule. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced shooter, a new gun owner, or an avid collector, we specialize in meeting your specific needs with data-driven results.



One Hour

An hour to shoot, learn, or improve in a private setting. Great for individuals who want to work on specific drills like drawing from a holster or honing in muscle memory.



One Hour

An hour of fun for you and a partner. Compete head-to-head in various skill challenges, drills, and games! Excellent for date night, some parent-child bonding, and more!



One Hour

Looking for a small group activity or some family training? This is the perfect option for you. Compete head-to-head in various skill challenges, drills, and games!



One Hour

Get a group together, and let the good times roll! Compete head-to-head in various skill challenges, drills, and games! Great for group events and fun for the whole family.


Our Idaho enhanced concealed carry course is specifically designed to not only meet but exceed Idaho’s requirements to apply. Our entire curriculum is based on facts, evidence, and battle-tested techniques.

Our certified USCCA instructors are held to the highest standards in the firearm instructor industry and are required to perform continuing education throughout the year.


This place is absolutely incredible. We had a group session for 4 adults and a child who had a shooting experience first time in his life and it’s hard to tell who had the most fun as we all had a blast. There are so many routines and scenarios to do just for fun or to practice your skills. You can learn and work on fundamentals, tactical drills, competitive shooting, and a lot more. Can’t wait to do it again. Thank you!

-Olga Lozinski


My family had a great time learning the basics of gun handling and honing our targeting skills. Having unlimited ammo is amazing, and all of the drills/games you can play will keep you entertained for days. We are definitely coming back with more friends and family. Thanks for a great experience!

-Alex Kviklys


“Simshot is a great place to practice shooting without paying the high cost of ammo. We had the opportunity to shoot many different scenarios and challenges. Great family event! Nick, thanks for making our Saturday family shoot so much fun!”

-LeAnn Johnson


“This is a great place to practice different skills without worrying about live ammo and paying for ammo. Everyone I’ve met has been so kind, helpful, and encouraging. Highly recommend, especially if you’re new to shooting and want to get used to just the feel of a firearm and learn the basics.”

-Lora Jordan


“Had a great time running courses. The staff was patient and helpful during our session. Great place to go practice out of the elements and save on ammunition. Got a bit of a rush while doing some of the hostage simulators.”

-Greg Picard


Taking your training beyond the occasional shooting range visit can  significantly enhance your skills. Simulation systems are versatile and backed by data, offering a broad array of training options. These innovative systems enable you to practice more frequently and in a variety of
scenarios, dramatically improving your proficiency and confidence in a dynamic, effective manner.

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